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I absolutely love my lantern! I drive out in the country to visit my horse and love knowing that my lantern is with me in my car just in case. I have also taken my lantern out camping and it was amazing! All of my friends were taking about how strong the light was and how functional it was when the sun went down in the mountains. I use this product all of the time (even when I'm walking the dog at night) and can't say enough good things about it!

Krista S. (LANTERN Black)


We were recently on a tour of the US national parks of the golden west. One evening in the Grand Canyon we were going on a night walk with our tour group. We were so impressed by how much light our LANTERN gave us. By the end of the walk, we had a large group following our LANTERNS light! It was just the BEST!!! We will never leave home without it. All in all, the quality is suburb, the presentation is wonderful and you would not be disappointed in purchasing any of the LANTERN products. We have now expanded our LANTERN family to include mini's and EDC-v1's.

Diana & Gerry (LANTERN Black)


I absolutely love my Lantern. I wasn't sure at first as this is a relatively new concept on a lantern using a detachable diffuser, but now that I've had chance to play with the product, I love this functionality. I use it the most when I'm camping and around the house. Great for diffusing smaller areas like under your sink, in your tent, etc. I can't wait to see what's coming out next from these guys!

Jordan B. (LANTERN Black)


This light is so small most people aren't sure what they're looking at when I show it to them. 

It's incredibly powerful at such a small size it's ridiculous. I've used it on construction sites, fixing my car, house work/chorse, etc. It literally is always on me that I use it over my phone's flashlight even for simple small & quick things.

Great product from a great company with great people from an even greater country 🇨🇦



Purchased one of these lights in Dec. of 2017. This light really impressed me so much I purchased two more for xmas presents. If you use it for close range viewing medium setting is all you need. If u have it on high for long range it really lights an area up over 125 ft. Well worth the money.




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