LANTERN Survival Pack

LANTERN Survival Pack

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You never know when trouble might strike and it is important to be ready.

To help you we have bundled our best light, LANTERN Platinum+ along with an additional diffuser and our LANTERN Solar power pack to create the Ultimate Survival and Emergency Kit.

LANTERN Platinum+

LANTERN Platinum+ truly is the Ultimate Multifunctional Light! up to 1000 lumens, USB rechargeable lantern flashlight with up to 86 hours of run time, 4800 mAh USB power bank and powerful bike headlight.


  • Unique LANTERN light diffuser can light up a tent or a room
  • 4 light modes (90 lumens, 180 lumens, 450 lumens, 1000 lumens)
  • SOS strobe mode
  • USB battery backup to charge your USB devices (phones) quickly
  • Includes a USB rechargeable 26650 Lithium Ion battery
  • Run times up to 86 hours
  • 360 Degree bike mount included
  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction for ultimate durability
  • Military grade coatings help to prevent scratching
  • IPX-6 water proof rating, you can get this light wet
  • Impact resistant to 1.5m (5 feet)
  • Tested beam distance max. of 250m (770')



Keep your devices charged while on the go. LANTERN Solar is the perfect device to have with you when you do not want to run out of power.  LANTERN Solar stores enough power to recharge your LANTERN Light, mobile phone and any other USB device. Better yet, LANTERN Solar recharges in the sunlight giving you endless power!

  • 2 USB slots so you can charge 2 devices at the same time
  • 5.0 volt output (1.0A) and 5.0 volt output (2.0A)
  • Built in LED to provide light to see what you are doing in the dark
  • Durable construction with rubberized coatings
  • Integrated clip so you can attach it to your bag
  • Comes with a compass & carabiner clip, and USB Charging cable
  • IPX-6 Waterproof rating so the charger can get wet and keep on functioning
  • Impact resistant to 2m (5')
  • CE, FCC and RoHS quality certified

 Ships from Canada